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Why You Need Variable Speed Control

Why have we invested heavily in adding proprietary speed control to our powered wire stripping machines? Simple, with speed control you can control the pace of stripping based on the condition and size of the wire. All competitors machines will try unsuccessfully to strip wires of all sizes at “the same top speed”. This is very dangerous and extremely inefficient. Once you use a StripMeister with speed control, you will never want to strip another wire again without it. Guaranteed! Speed...

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Five Ways to Strip Copper Wire

People new to the scrap metals business quickly learn that copper wire is king! Although there are more valuable metals out there, nothing matches copper wire’s availability, value and ease of handling. Stripped copper wire is worth three times as much as wire with the insulation, causing many to wonder: what is the best wire stripper? Should they use manual methods, or should they invest in a scrap wire stripping machine? In this article, we’ll explore some common ways to strip copper wire and...

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The StripMeister Original Automatic Wire Stripping Machine: Top 10 Ways to Profit

Have you heard the buzz on social media about how more and more scrappers just like you are investing in StripMeister automatic wire stripping machines? Are you wondering how all those sharp business people are turning this reasonably priced tool into a very smart investment in their business they couldn’t live without? It’s easier than you think! Here are the Top 10 ways to turn a profit with a StripMeister Original Automatic Wire Stripping Machine: 10.  Buy Scrap Wire at Auctions Smart scrappers...

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How Quickly Does E1000 Pay for Itself

The StripMeister™ E1000 by Geoff Gariepy What business do you advertise on the sign out front?  How productive are you in performing that service or making that product? Regardless of what it says on the sign, if you handle significant quantities of scrap insulated copper wire (ICW) in various sizes in the course of doing business, chances are you’re leaving money on the table. The revenue your operation realizes from selling scrap ICW is important to your bottom line. ...

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Why buy the E2000x when copper prices are down

Article Summary Using the E2000x to strip the following cables will pay for itself in the following times: Pays for itself in 58 minutes stripping 2/0Stripping 500MCM you make your money back in just under 15 minutesStripping 2000MCM you make your money back in just under 12 minutes Your business is serious about making money from scrap insulated copper wire (ICW).  As a large electrical contractor, building demolition expert, orprofessional scrap metals reseller, handling ICW efficiently...

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Justifying the StripMeister Original: A Case Study

Why buy a StripMeister Original when copper prices are down? Summary points of article: StripMeister original pays for itself in just 5 straight hours stripping romex at current copper prices It makes you around $48/hour compared to manual stripping which brings in $4/hour 12 times as fast as stripping by hand, or in other words, strip in 5 minutes what it takes in an hour by hand Get 140% more $$$ for the same material stripped than the insulated copper wire price Read on to to see how we precisely...

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CASE STUDY: Recycling Copper Wire With and Without a Wire Stripper

Since there is no exact method for calculating the amount of electrical wiring for a remodel, new home, building or business, most electricians estimate the amount of each type of wiring they need from the blueprints or inside the home itself with the electrical outlets in place. After the wiring needs are totaled, it is customary to purchase an extra 250 feet of each type of wire on the roll, just to be sure and have enough of each type. After wiring a new job, you can have approximately 250...

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5 Reasons Every Electrician, Scrapper and Handyman Needs a StripMeister™ Wire Stripper

Still wondering if stripping that scrap, left over wire is worth it? Here are 5 reasons to say yes to a StripMeister™ today! 1) Rising Prices of Copper In the last several days, the price of copper has risen 4.04 percent, and prices have increased steadily by 1.54 percent over the last 30 days and 12.98 percent over the last 90 days. This trend shows that copper prices are rising constantly at this point and is expected to increase in value steadily in the future market. 2) Maximizing...

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The StripMeister™ E1000: A Case Study

Many people prefer, for any number of reasons, to deliver unstripped wire to scrapyards. Whether they haven’t heard of the StripMeister™ yet, or simply don’t want to waste their time stripping cable, or haven’t yet understood the increased value of bare copper wire, the truth is scrapyards still have to deal with stripping a whole lot of wire every day. The StripMeister™ E1000: A Case Study of an Industrial Strength Affordable  Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Meet...

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Maximizing Copper Wire Prices

Copper wire prices are increasing. That is a fact that cannot be denied. In the United States, just during the month of December 2015, we witnessed an increase of 0.5% per pound of scrap copper. And while this may not sound like much, when the increase over time factor is taken into account, it can add up to a nice chunk of change. But the price of copper scrap is not only about how many dollars you get paid per pound, the time invested into stripping the insulation off the wire is also a big...

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The Clean Air Act and its Importance to the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry

For many decades, the easiest way to recover scrap copper was to simply burn the casing off wires in an open fire and then collecting the resulting product. The problem with this method is that burning (or smoldering) the insulation off the wire in this manner is the single most contaminant processes of recovery, due to the fact that the plastic casing is burned at relatively low temperatures (between 250°C and 500°C), which results in an incomplete incineration and the release of pollutants...

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How to Choose a Wire Stripping Machine

When you are looking to make more money personally or in your business, the best thing you can do is to have a very good idea of what machinery requires the least amount of investment with the biggest return. The first thing you will notice when you collect copper wire for recycling is that you will end up with a large variety of differently sized wires By now you probably have a very good idea of the amount of copper scrap you can store and strip before hauling it off to the scrapyard,...

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What can you get for 120lb’s of unstripped house wire?

Max has accumulated around 120lb’s of unstripped house wire. If sold to the scrapyard as is they would give him only $110. He used the StripMeister™ original to strip the entire load in no time at all. He then took to the scrapyard and was paid $280 Get your stripmeister™ today, don’t sell your scrap wire unstripped. Burning is illegal and removing the casing using a knife is ridiculous. Sale! StripMeister E2000X Industrial Wire Stripping MachineRated 5.00 out of...

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Tips for Understanding Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap metal pricing is an important issue when considering your return on investment for a wire-stripping machine. Copper conductors are usually the only thing we think of when scrapping wire but don’t forget the aluminum and steel often found in cable shielding and armor, this material is all valuable and recoverable scrap metal. Scrap metal prices, per pound, are generally soft after a period of depression but so are metal inventories and particularly inventories of copper. Metal recycling...

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Romex Wire Specifications and Romex Wire Stripping Tools

If you are an electrician, it is not uncommon to build up a substantial stock of old romex wiring from completed jobs in a short period of time. Old and left over copper wiring is actually a great source of extra income when you are able to strip the insulation in a quick efficient manner. Even romex wire, which is mostly used in the North America housing market, can be of value! Its weight can add up quickly with 10/2 romex weighing in at an impressive 124 lbs per 1000 ft! The ultimate romex...

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