Maximizing Copper Wire Prices

Copper wire prices are increasing. That is a fact that cannot be denied. In the United States, just during the month of December 2015, we witnessed an increase of 0.5% per pound of scrap copper. And while this may not sound like much, when the increase over time factor is taken into account, it can add up to a nice chunk of change. But the price of copper scrap is not only about how many dollars you get paid per pound, the time invested into stripping the insulation off the wire is also a big part of your profit.

The Naked Truth: How Much Is Copper Worth?
The price per pound of bare bright copper in the United State currently stands at about $2, depending on your specific location. But in reality this figure is not your bottom line, and your profit will depend on how much time it takes to prepare the copper wire you’ve accumulated. This is the turning point between a successful scrap copper business and one that just barely makes ends meet. So, how do you maximize your profit? The answer is simple: invest a few bucks into a StripMeister™ automatic wire stripper.

The StripMeister™ vs manual stripping: Let’s Have a Talk

One of the most important things to look at when you are in the scrap copper industry is efficiency. To some, manually stripping pounds and pounds of insulated copper wire may seem like a good idea, but let’s take a quick look at reality:

Manual StrippingStripMeister™
Tedious and time consuming (can you say “boring”?)Takes only minutes (it’s pretty fun also)
Dangerous (the danger to your fingers is very real)Safe (your fingers don’t have to go anywhere near the blade)
Cost ineffective (there is no sense in wasting hours working only to end up with a few pounds of bare bright wire)Cost effective (because the StripMeister™ Original allows the user to adapt a drill, it takes only about a third of the time)
Difficult, requires expertise. (Handling a blade with your hands requires a lot of skill, and all those scars can prove it.)So easy, even a child can use it.(Simply put the wire through the orifice, adjust the blade, and turn it on. The stripping tool will do the rest.)

The bottom line is simple: Using a StripMeister™ will not only help you strip copper wire faster, it will actually make your business more profitable and allow you to enjoy more time doing what you love.

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