Why You Need Variable Speed Control

Why have we invested heavily in adding proprietary speed control to our powered wire stripping machines?

Simple, with speed control you can control the pace of stripping based on the condition and size of the wire.

All competitors machines will try unsuccessfully to strip wires of all sizes at “the same top speed”. This is very dangerous and extremely inefficient.

Once you use a StripMeister with speed control, you will never want to strip another wire again without it. Guaranteed!

Speed control helps in the following ways:

  • Increases production by 300% because you eliminate constant turning on and off the machine
  • Reduces slipping tremendously which will cut down on overall stripping time
  • 100% safer than operating without speed control. Why would you want a 3 inch diameter wire going through at the same speed as 1/8th inch?
  • By using speed control on a lower setting, you can feed kinked and twisted stubborn cable through at the perfect cutting speed.

Remember, we are the only manufacturer to offer this essential function.

The choice is clear. Get your StripMeister today with variable speed control

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