Make your money back in hours

With copper prices currently exceeding $3 per lb, it’s crazy not to get the maximum dollar value out of your left over scrap copper wire.

By utilizing our wire stripping machine the StripMeister™ you will find that this is entirely possible to do.

Why let the scrap yards reap the rewards from YOUR scrap wire!!

Whether you are cutting an assortment of sizes to a standard size of wire, your “loot” is worth the time you invest in our automatic wire stripper. We ran a test involving an assortment of copper wire sizes as depicted above in one hours time. The end result was 51.21 lbs. We also ran a variety of other tests to determine what we were looking at regarding the output of this wire stripping machine. The results were incredible! In one hour using #8 wire, you can manage 42 lbs, # 3 wire resulted in 105 lbs in an hour and 3/0 wire racked up a whopping 216 lbs of wire in just an hours time! Even making the necessary adjustment to switch between the different wire sizes took seconds!

When you calculate the weight you have achieved with the current copper prices it’s not difficult to see why this copper wire stripper is essential to have.

It literally takes no time at all for this machine to pay for itself!!

Not only will you make extra cash in a short amount of time, you are doing your part by recyclying copper wire which is important to our environment.

Get your StripMeister™ today!

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