Small Machines

Essential Wire Strippers For Scrappers With Wire Up To 350MCM

These StripMeisters are perfect for Scrappers, Handymen, Electricians, General Contractors, Apprentices or anyone who comes in contact with scrap wire piles up to 350MCM Gauge 24.1mm/0.95 inch diameter.

StripMeister Original Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

Highest quality automatic drill powered wire stripping machine on the market! It is safe to use, ultra reliable, fast and will last a lifetime

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StripMeister E250 Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

Get all of the portability, reliability and affordability from the original, but now you can strip faster and easier thanks to an advanced new power addition.

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StripMeister E350 Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

The perfect wire stripping machine built for a huge range of jobs for most people with scrap wire. Durability, features and gauge range make this wire stripper the perfect choice.

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