StripMeister E2000X Industrial Wire Stripping Machine

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Has all the power and features of the E2000 but is enhanced with our new spiral groove technology feeder drive, double slider front guide, built in Romex adaptor and the newly designed DC Drive speed controller.

  • The Spiral groove Feeder technology ensures precise cuts even on twisted or stranded wire
  • The double slider Feed in mechanism makes quick work of changing wire sizes and guiding the wire a breeze
  • The built-in Romex adaptor makes stripping Americas most commonly used house wire 33% faster
  • The newly designed PWM variable speed controlled DC-drive make machine run quiet, smoothly and energy-efficient. Also includes an Emergency Stop button for better safety.
  • Weather resistant to withstand punishing jobs of all sizes.
  • Quick, reliable, safe and speed controlled wire stripping from 16 gauge up to 2000 mcm (1/8″ to 3-1/8″ Diameter)
  • Unique industry first, 1 HP DC variable speed motor coupled with a precision gear box, delivers high torque and precise adjustable cutting speeds
  • Strips all sizes from 16 gauge up to 2000 MCM (.100″ to 3.125″ Diameter) including Romex, braided (stranded), copper and aluminum wire
  • DIMENSIONS: 88lbs 23x19x14 inches
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Weight88 lbs
Dimensions23 × 19 × 14 in